Giving and Philanthropy:

We thank Allah first and foremost for giving us the honor to serve him.

We thank all who gave and made this project a reality in 2015. This center is supported by individual believers like yourself.

We also thank Allah that tax-exempt status was achieved for the parking lot and meeting building in 2019.

The donations that we receive are used in the following way:

  1. Purchase adjacent building (urgent appeal).
  2. Purchase or print informational material about Islam.
  3. Pay for commercial insurance for the center.
  4. Pay for lecture events, cost of gas, electricity, and water.
  5. Purchase food and food related supplies for donations to the needy.
  6. Contribute to IECOL's student emergency assistance fund.

IECOL has observed a strict "code of sufficiency" to ensure that no donations are spent on travel or incidental expenses by its board members.
This code is working well for IECOL and remains in effect.

Please be assured that donations are spent in a most prudent and conscientious manner. A financial report is published annually in the month of May.

Because You Make A Difference

And Because Every Penny Helps


Paypal donations are accepted in Indiana and select states - Please inquire first

Donations are tax deductible - Please ask for a receipt External link opens in new tab or window[email protected]